Scheduling Coordinator

When you call or enter the offices of Markham Orthodontics, you will more than likely be greeted by me first. Whether you are calling to book an appointment or attending a periodic adjustment, I am passionate about making sure you are warmly welcomed and made to feel comfortable.

I joined Markham Orthodontics in August 2017 and am grateful to be a part of such a cheerful, hardworking and determined team that Dr. Markham has so wonderfully created. Of my favorite parts of the job, making patients smile and laugh is number one. I am super excited to continuously grow with my team as well as with our patients.

When I’m not working, I like to make my friends and family members laugh, dance, play video games, read and watch funny shows like The Office. I also love kids and although I’m not surrounded by any at home, I am happy that my job fulfills that at work!